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Muju Tree Spirit

Our new Muju sculpture is the Tree Spirit.
These magical little spirits spend their time protecting their Trees and tending the Magic Acorns. They can be found in woodlands, but also hidden away in urban environments. In the cities, where the old woods have long gone, they patiently wait… knowing that one day the forests will return.
You can pre-order your Tree Spirit through Kickstarter here :

Ltd Edition Cosmic T-shirts

We have been getting cosmic in the Muju Studio and produced a batch of limited edition T-shirts just in time for summer.
The handmade dye pattern on these organic cotton t-shirts makes each one a unique item. Check them out in our store for just £20 + P&P.

Magic Door Print Offer

Happy to announce a special deal on this Muju Magic Door screenprint.
We are offering this 60cm x 42cm print for just £20 + FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE
Signed and numbered edition of 100 handpulled prints. Black ink on heavy fabriano paper. Check it out here

Woodland Guardian Print

We are big fans of the natural world here at Muju Studio, and for our new print release the ‘Woodland Guardian’ we wanted to actively support the Woodland Trust here in the UK by donating 10% of the sale from each print, which is £3 , exactly the right amount the Woodland Trust needs to plant 1 native tree in the UK. You can support this project by purchasing the ‘Woodland Guardian’ print from our online store for just £30 + P&P. Printed on archive quality 315gsm etching paper and measuring 29cm x 42cm, its a signed and numbered edition of 150. That would be an amazing 150 native trees planted in the UK, providing habitat for wildlife and absorbing carbon for years to come, awesome! Buy the print here.

Free Starlight Mandala Spirit

We are giving away a free Glow in the Dark Mandala Spirit in conjunction with
Check out all the details on how to enter here : 
Good Luck :)